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Telescopic Tube
Custom Size Black Aluminum Telescopic Pole With Flip clamp Locking

Product Name: Custom Size Black Aluminum Telescopic Pole With Flip clamp Locking

Material: Aluminum

Color: Black(can be custom)

Size: 28-25-22-19-16 Si can be custom

Length: According to the needs of customers

Used: Cleaning, gardening, outdoor camping, tents, trestles, etc

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Product Details

Telescopic tube
Product size and style can be customized
Machined materials: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc

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Our Service
OEM/ODM is available
All of products to be custom according to customers' drawings or samples.
If you no drawing or sample, please let me know some information, our engineer can help you to develop new items and make technical drawing .

Assembly Services
We can provide assembly services. We mainly manufacture metal parts, we also provide plastic parts that will fit ours and final complete products.

Our company

Focus on the customized processing services of needle,small diameter tube and telescopic series.
The tube diameter from 1mm to 32mm
OEM/ODM is available.
We can custom according to your drawings or samples.

If you have good design or need customized products,please contact us,we can achieve your design.

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