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Custom Stainless steel Slotted tube for bone marrow biopsy needle

Material: Stainless steel 304/ 316  Brass Aluminum etc

Size: According To your request or samples or drawing

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Product Details

Product Name

High precision stainless steel 304 dental tool



High precision parts finely processed by advanced


Milling machine, CNC lathe, turning lathe, wire EDM, etc


Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, steel alloy, etc


Hole/bore-drilling, bending, sharpening, milling, rolling, stamping, end-narrowing/widening, surface-grinding and shaping, etc.


Machining scope

Equipment & Machinery, medical & technological parts

Package Polybag

carton packaging, and other tailor-made packing as per customers' requirements.


15 days or depending on Qty.


According to your requirements

·         In abrasive flow machining, the abrasive fluid flows through the workpiece, effectively performing erosion. Abrasive particles in the fluid contact raised features on the surface of the workpiece and remove them. The fluid is forced through the workpiece by a hydraulic ram, where it acts as a flexible file, or slug, molding itself precisely to the shape of the workpiece. The highest amount of material removal occurs in areas where the flow of the fluid is restricted; according to Bernoulli's Principle, the flow speed and pressure of the fluid increase in these areas, facilitating a higher material removal rate (MRR).The pressure exerted by the fluid on all contacting surfaces also results in a very uniform finish.

Electro polishing

·         One of the benefits of electropolishing for stainless steel is that it removes iron from the surface and enhances the chromium/nickel content for the most superior form of passivation for stainless steel. Electropolishing also provides a clean and smooth surface that is easier to sterilize, while improving the surface finish by levelling micro-peaks and valleys. This methodology is able to polish areas that are inaccessible by other polishing methods.


·         Another benefit of electropolishing is that it removes a small amount of material (typically 20-40 micrometer in depth in the case of stainless steel) from the surface of the parts, while also removing small burrs or high spots. It can be used to reduce the size of some parts when necessary. The results of electropolishing are considered to be aesthetically pleasing by many people.


 in physical chemistry and engineering, refers to a material becoming "passive," that is, less affected or corroded by the environment of future use. Passivation involves creation of an outer layer of shield material that is applied as a microcoating, created by chemical reaction with the base material, or allowed to build from spontaneous oxidation in the air. As a technique, passivation is the use of a light coat of a protective material, such as metal oxide, to create a shell against corrosion.


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