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Bone marrow Biopsy needle
Custom 304 /316 Stainless steel veterinary needle with flaring end

Material: Stainless steel 304/ 316 

Size: According To drawing or sample

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Custom 304 /316 Stainless steel veterinary needle with flaring end 


High precision parts finely processed by advanced


Milling machine, CNC lathe, turning lathe, wire EDM, etc


Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, steel alloy, etc


Hole/bore-drilling, bending, sharpening, milling, rolling, stamping, end-narrowing/widening, surface-grinding and shaping, etc.


Machining scope

Equipment & Machinery, medical & technological parts

Package Polybag

carton packaging, and other tailor-made packing as per customers' requirements.


15 days or depending on Qty.


According to your requirements


Sinpure  is a professional OEM manufacturer for micro small metal tubes and solutions to tubing production . production experience in micro small tubes. The smallest tube can be achieved is OD 0.25 mm and ID 0.09 mm. We can supply micro small stainless steel tubes, brass tubes, aluminum tubes, titanium tubes, carbon steel tubes and assembly parts made of micro small tubes and precision parts.                                                                                                                                             

In addition, we offer the following machining_flaring, Griding, swaging, character engraving, bending, hole drilling, welding, telescoping, sharpening, beveling, etc.. we have workshops for part machining such as bushings, shafts, needles and metal parts injected with plastics, as well as CNC precision parts. Many of our products are used in medical and electronic industry, on aircrafts, automobiles and outdoors



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