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Bone marrow Biopsy needle
11G Stainless steel Bone Marrow Biopsy needle with Plastic Handle

11G Stainless steel Bone Marrow Biopsy needle with Plastic Handle

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8G, 11G, 13G

Product Name

Bone marrow biopsy needle( length can be custom)

8G(Outer Tube)

OD=4.2mm    ID=3.4mm   L= any length( it's can be custom)

8G(Inner Solid Needle)

OD=2.7mm   Length  can be custom 

11G(Outer Tube)

OD=3mm   ID=2.1mm   Length can be custom

11G (Inner solid needle)

OD=1.8mm   Length can be custom

13G(Outer Tube)

OD=2.4mm   ID=1.8mm   Length can be custom

13G(Inner Slolid Needle)

OD=1.57mm   Length can be custom

Handle( plastic part)

Injection handle can be custom according to your design or made form your samples

Machining Technology

Necking, swaging, grinding , laser cutting, laser marking, Electropolishing, etc


Polybag,carton packaging, and other tailor-made packing as per customers' requirements.


Medical Grade Stainless Steel 304( The tube inner is smooth)


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