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Medical Needle
Some Tips about Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle

With the development of the medicine, the bone marrow biopsy needle is used more and more common. So today, Sinpure will share detail tip about the needle for you .

A complete is product is consist of inner solid needle +outer hollow tube+ plastic handle , see attached picture.

About handle

Handle design accord with human body engineering, make with very comfortable feeling, also can more easily take in clinical use to bone marrow tissue, handle design conforms to any doctor's hand, surface adopts the frosted handle design makes interface is more stable, not easy to slide.

2, about outer hollow needle

The function of outer needle is for holding the bone marrow tissue, make the bone marrow tissue more tighten ,when screw the bone marrow needle into the right area and then insert the hollow outer needle for tighten the tissue and than take out main needle and cannula together.

3,about inner solid needle

After the bone marrow needle is finishing biopsy and taking out from patient, inserted this solid needle into hollow cannula than the compete tissue will come out.



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