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Some Little Tips About Passivation Surface Treatment


Sometimes there’re will be get rust in the stainless steel needle or tubes surface, in this time,  how can we solve this problem ? One of way is to do Passivation in the surface .


Technology Method of Passivation

After a metal is treated with an oxidizing medium, its corrosion rate is significantly lower than that before the original treatment. This is called metal passivation.

 The passivation mechanism can be mainly explained by the thin film theory, that is, the passivation is considered to be due to the interaction between the metal and the oxidizing medium. When it is acting, a very thin, dense, good covering property can be firmly attached to the metal.  

A passivation film on the surface. This film exists as a separate phase, usually a compound of oxygen and metal. It plays a role of completely separating the metal from the corrosive medium, and prevents the metal from directly contacting the corrosive medium, so that the metal basically stops dissolving to form a passive state to achieve the effect of preventing corrosion.

Advantage of Passivation

After passivation treatment, the color and size of the product  are not changed, the surface is clean and fresh, and the rust prevention performance of the product is improved. All passivation series products can be subjected to ultra-high salt spray testing after processing.  Its simple and easy operation.


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