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How does the medical stainless steel tube remain unbent?
Copyfrom:Shenzhen Sinpure Technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2018-01-21

How does the medical stainless steel tube remain unbent?

In daily life, medical 304 stainless steel capillary tube that the tube diameter is very small, with thin wall thickness, often bending in transit due to the improper operation after checked the stainless steel tube , so what's the straightening stainless steel pipe is also very important in our daily life, after all, in the process of the bending of the steel tube to install and use cause considerable trouble.

Shenzhen Sinpure technology Co.,Ltd  will give you some advice as show below:

1. Before straightening, check whether the straightener is in normal use, and add proper lubricating oil. When the equipment is in good condition, open the car for one minute to observe the operation.

2. The pipe bending of the incoming material should not be too large, otherwise, it will be applied manually, and then it will be straightened after the machine straightening ability.

3. When straightening, adjust the tilt Angle of the straightening roller, the roller distance of the straightening roller and the position of the second team roller, and properly install and adjust the entrance guide to ensure the straightening quality.

4. When straightening, it can not produce scratches, correction, etc., and the size of the incoming material is not allowed to be unqualified.

5. After straightening, keep the incoming tube clean. If the surface of the tube is found to have burr, damage and other problems, it should be cleaned with sandpaper or grinding wheel in time.

For more information, you can contact us, our engineer will give you some helpful advice.



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