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Why stainless steel not rust?
Copyfrom:Small diameter stainless steel tube bending    Time:2018-01-04

Stainless steel surface will be born to fix?Designers in our minds, so we can one by one the mysterious veil today!
First of all, we know the composition of stainless steel 304, 304, the main component is carbon acuities were 0.08, 1.00 or less silicon, manganese acuities were 2.00, 0.045 or less phosphorus, sulfur 0.03 or less, 8.0 10.5, nickel chromium 18 to 20, from the point of the composition, the nickel content of stainless steel 304 is relatively high, but there are less than 0.08 in the middle of carbon content, it seems, stainless steel 304 in unusual circumstances, it is absolutely not rusting, however, there are often designed friend call to come over to ask me, why the surface of stainless steel 304 yellowing phenomenon, or surface has a little yellow black phenomenon, there was a problem in material composition?Below we uncover several suspected cause of rust together:

A: on the surface of the stainless steel clean degree determines the use of the service life of corrosion resistance, product surface clean incomplete, is induced by the biggest cause of surface corrosion function.
B: fine stainless steel pipe microporous yellowing phenomenon, caused by inadequate belongs to clean.
C: black metal surface, is not necessarily the material composition, it is possible that after drawn tube production polishing not in place.
D: local slightly yellow spot, belong to product of local unclean or setting environment.
E: stainless steel surface yellowing, after high temperature stainless steel surface oxidation reaction or due to the high temperature heat tint.Does not belong to rust, under vacuum condition can not yellow.
F: stainless steel salt fog test rust: belong to composition stability, of course, the salt concentration and the test time decides the rust test results.General 48 h and 72 h.
G stainless steel surface adhesion juice, organic matter in water is oxygen, organic acid, organic acid to for a long time and are on the surface of the metal corrosion will rust

So;We in the design of stainless steel products, stainless steel cleaning, packaging, to prevent surface treatment such as environment, needs to do more precautionary measure, the stainless steel structure combination play the most perfect performance.


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